Dating or siblings

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Alfred Adler saw siblings as "striving for significance" within the family and felt that birth order was an important aspect of personality development. Often competition is the result of a desire for greater attention from parents. Dupont, Jacques and Saillot, Jacques. Firstborns have more contact than laterborns. Journal of Family Psychology, 19, — When siblings reach adulthood, it is more likely that they will no longer live in the same place and that they will become involved in jobs, hobbies, and romantic interests that they do not share and therefore cannot use to relate to one another. Sibling rivalry often continues throughout childhood and can be very frustrating and stressful to parents.

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The decline in late adolescence makes sense from an evolutionary perspective:

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Siblings or Dating?

Brothers are least likely to contact one another frequently. Thus, many cases of sibling incest, including accidental incestconcern siblings who were separated at birth or at a very young age. Bagnall, Roger S. Attachment and bonding. Hallsdale, NJ: Journal of Family Psychology, 19, —

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