Wedding night sex tips

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My wife and I stayed our first night in a bed-and-breakfast not far from the reception site. The female urinary tract infection is the enemy of joy and fun, especially for the first six months or so. The first two spots: One of the most important things it does is lubricate all the passageways where the action is going to happen. Much better than thinking, Well I was gonna wash these sheets tomorrow anyway.

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January 17, at 9:

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Sex tricks to try on your wedding night

Others go even further by giving up sex months before the wedding so that they may be virgin-like on the wedding night. Is there any other things I need to learn other than the good advice above? It will only stress you out and ultimately take you out of the present. Maybe you'll get to your room early enough that you could take a nap first that's what we did. The book provided lots of occasions for us to talk about what in the book we agreed with, what we disagreed with and our philosophy of marriage and sex and family in the context of a biblical worldview. And when the honeymoon's over, you'll have a lifetime together to learn about sex and get good at having it. Great advice!

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wedding night sex tips
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wedding night sex tips
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wedding night sex tips
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