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I tried to figure one out using "coeo" but all I could come up with is: I like Latin. Trying to learn a second language? Lupa is the goddess of wolves and became the foster mother of Remus and his brother Romulus, who founded Rome. Siste legens hoc praeceptum. Nice one.

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Alexis Angel: Latin is a language that was originally the chief language of the Roman Empire. How to Swear in Latin Jan 13, The ipsum is not required, but is in fact quite common, and I woudl say it fits in a statement of this sort. Quintus Fabius I do not see how I am wrong, since I state early on that Lupa means exactly what you are stating. While it shares many etymological similarities with ancient Greek, it is a much more rigidly-structured language as a result of the more military nature of Roman society.

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